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About Us

Age Well is a student run Junior Achievement Company. Our team consists of 4 Claymont High School students. 


We built Age Well to impact and improve the lives of our older generations. We created the wellness kit to ensure they can live and not just survive. 

Age Well acknowledges the importance of living your best life. The significance of spending as much time with your family as long as possible. 


Our Story

Age Well's mission is to benefit the wellness of people over age of 50 years old, in the areas of physical, nutritional, social-emotional, mental, and financial health. 
We began Age Well with the focus of benefitting people along their own personal health journey.


Through the Junior Achievement Company Program, we are learning how to start and run our own business. This program provided us with the opportunity to create Age Well. This has been an amazing learning experience that taught us no one is ever too young or too old to try something new. 

With this, it reveals that it's never too late to prioritize your health. Your health is important in every stage of life and our kit is made to support you and your needs. 

Meet The Team

Our Sponsors

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